Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 2: Answers

Answers to Cricket Quiz # 2

Q. What was burnt to create the Ashes? And what is the ashes urn made of? - A set of bails. The urn is made of terracotta

Q. Which ex Indian cricket was nicknamed “Colonel”? - Dilip Vengsarkar
Q . This was one of the most hilarious things ever said by a commentator. “He is not playing today as he has a problem with his testicles. The commentator was Ravi Shastri and it was the 1997 Sahara Cup at Toronto. Can you recall the injured player's name? - Mohammad Akram
Q. Who took the catch that prevented Sachin from becoming the youngest centurion in Test cricket? - John Wright

Q. Name the spectator who Inzamam attacked for repeatedly being called aaloo (hindi for potato, an obvious reference to the rotundness of the great cricketer) - Shiv Singh

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