Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun Cricket Quiz Answers

I am still waiting for Sankalp to post me with the answers to Quiz no. 10, meanwhile let me give you the answers for Quiz no. 11.

1. Roshni Chopra – the expert cricket beauty on Doordarshan.

2. Makhaya Ntini – actually I made a small typo there. It’s not Moingi but Mdingi Express. That’s the name of the village from which Ntini hails.

3.England – Ponting blew his fuse off during an Ashes match when Vaughan asked for yet another substitution.

4.Raman Lamba was the 12th fielder on the field !! He was substituting for Kris Srikanth but when Srikkanth returned, Lamba failed to go back, thus creating this pecualiar situation.

5.All of you got this right – yes, it’s the boat the English cricketers had to catch the next day that caused the world’s longest match to be finally called off.

Friday, February 23, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup Trivia: Solution

The obvious answer is South Africa vs Sri Lanka, but that's obviously not the case else where was the point spending so much time creating this question.
Group A - South Africa wins all matches, tops the group. Australia finish second.
Group B - Larger countries beat small countries. So India & Pakistan shoould have qualified, because there are 3 countries from the Indian subcontinent and the 4th one Bermuda is anyways the smallest. But it's mentioned that Pakistan is not one of the teams to qualify so it implies Pakistan was not a part of Group B. Hence India and Sri Lanka qualify, with India on top and Lanka second.
The super eight match we are talking about is supposed to be between A1 and B2. So it should have been SA vs Lanka. But that's where the catch is:
The new rule for the Super Eight stage is more than a little weird - If Australia & SA both qualify, Australia will be treated as A1 and SA as A2 irrespective of who finishes first, because Australia is ranked higher in the ICC ratings.
By the logic of this new ICC rule for the Super Eight stage, the answer becomes India vs Australia
Though I have discussed about this weird super-eight rule in my main cricket blog as well, beyond a point even i have not understood it. The official ICC site goes on to say that if Scotland qualifies instead of Australia, then Scotland will be A1. I really don't know what they mean..hope the International Cricket Committee understands it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cricket Quiz..another mail: Answers

Q - Who scored four sixes off Harbhajan Singh... - Shahid Afridi

Q - At a function for World Series Cricket, media mogul Kerry Packer once suggested that he put on a tie. After he replied infamously "I don't wear ties.... - David Hookes

Q – The only two Orissa players to have made it to the Indian Test team are Debashish Mohanty and Shiv Sunder Das

Q – The ad is for J.Hampstead

Q - On the 1974 tour to England, this Indian opener was accused of stealing a pair of socks .....Sudhir Naik

Q - His first six test innings were 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, and 0..... - Marvan Attapattu

Q – Who was the first Indian bowler to take a five wicket haul in ODI’s... - Kapil Dev, in all likelihood, however i would like to admit that i am not 100% confident on that. My apologies..

Q – “It involves the deliberate and systematic targeting - Decapitation

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 7: Answers

Q. Who holds the record for being the only cricketer to have scored more than 5000+ runs, taken...
- Carl Hooper

Q. Who was the first Pakistani batsman to score a century.....
- Saeed Answar

Q. Which are the only two cricket teams have been dismissed....
- Zimbabwe (against New Zealand at Harare in 2005) and India (against England at Manchester in 1952)

Q The first ball of the first world cup was bowled by…….
- Madan Lal (India vs England)

Q He was among the first of the genuinely fast, fast...
- Wes Hall

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 6: Answers

Q – He was the first East Indian to represent West Indies and was probably the first right arm off break bowler.....
Answer - Sonny Ramadhin
Q – Who has the record for the most number of sixes in the Cricket World Cup?
Answer - Saurav Ganguly
Q – What do David Boon, Ricky Ponting and Viv Richards have in common apropos the Cricket World Cup?
Answer - Man of the Match in the World Cup Finals
Q – The brother in law of the Australian swing bowler Terry Alderman, this umpire is best known amongst cricket....?
Answer - Ross Emerson
Q – His career average of 38.81 in ODI’s is the highest for any New Zealand batsman...
Answer - Roger Twose

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Answers to Cricket Quiz # 5

Q. Who are the only two Indian cricketers to have scored a century and taken five wickets in the same innings? - Vinoo Mankad & Polly Umrigar
Q – An ex sheriff of Mumbai and a young Bangladeshi are the only two cricketers to be dismissed with the first delivery of a Test match on three occasions. Who? - Sunil Gavaskar & Hannan Sarkar
Q – He has hit more sixes than Sir Gary Sobers, Graham Gooch, Martin Crowe and Sunil Gavaskar in test cricket. He has the record for the number of sixes for anyone with less than a 1000 test runs. He was one of the greatest bowlers ever. Who? - Michael Holding

Q – On the grandest day, in the biggest competition of them all, he became the lord for a day. He made a blistering 86 from 66 balls. Never, for certain, has the great Sir Viv Richards, who was in royal form himself, been outshone quite so much. Identify this player. - C L King
Q - What is the common terminology used for running out the batsman when he is backing up at the non-strikers end? - Mankading
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Friday, February 2, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 4: Answers

Cricket Quiz # 4: Answers

Q – He took a wicket with his first ball in first class cricket. He made his debut for England in a one day international against Bangladesh....
- Chris Tremlett

Q – The guy in the centre (see pic on the left) was not a part of the Ashes winning England side but was on the open top bus that did the celebratory rounds....
- Gary Pratt

Q – Who has the highest number of wickets not involving a fielder? And what is the form of dismissal (e.g. – lbw.kuruvilla)
- Muralitharan, the second best being lbw. W.Akram
Q – The BCCI logo is derived from the emblem of India’s highest order of chivalry (during the days of the British Raj) founded by Queen Victoria in 1861. What was the order called
- Star of India
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