Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun Cricket Quiz Answers

I am still waiting for Sankalp to post me with the answers to Quiz no. 10, meanwhile let me give you the answers for Quiz no. 11.

1. Roshni Chopra – the expert cricket beauty on Doordarshan.

2. Makhaya Ntini – actually I made a small typo there. It’s not Moingi but Mdingi Express. That’s the name of the village from which Ntini hails.

3.England – Ponting blew his fuse off during an Ashes match when Vaughan asked for yet another substitution.

4.Raman Lamba was the 12th fielder on the field !! He was substituting for Kris Srikanth but when Srikkanth returned, Lamba failed to go back, thus creating this pecualiar situation.

5.All of you got this right – yes, it’s the boat the English cricketers had to catch the next day that caused the world’s longest match to be finally called off.

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