Friday, February 23, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup Trivia: Solution

The obvious answer is South Africa vs Sri Lanka, but that's obviously not the case else where was the point spending so much time creating this question.
Group A - South Africa wins all matches, tops the group. Australia finish second.
Group B - Larger countries beat small countries. So India & Pakistan shoould have qualified, because there are 3 countries from the Indian subcontinent and the 4th one Bermuda is anyways the smallest. But it's mentioned that Pakistan is not one of the teams to qualify so it implies Pakistan was not a part of Group B. Hence India and Sri Lanka qualify, with India on top and Lanka second.
The super eight match we are talking about is supposed to be between A1 and B2. So it should have been SA vs Lanka. But that's where the catch is:
The new rule for the Super Eight stage is more than a little weird - If Australia & SA both qualify, Australia will be treated as A1 and SA as A2 irrespective of who finishes first, because Australia is ranked higher in the ICC ratings.
By the logic of this new ICC rule for the Super Eight stage, the answer becomes India vs Australia
Though I have discussed about this weird super-eight rule in my main cricket blog as well, beyond a point even i have not understood it. The official ICC site goes on to say that if Scotland qualifies instead of Australia, then Scotland will be A1. I really don't know what they mean..hope the International Cricket Committee understands it.

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