Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Answers: 1992 World Cup

1. Five players who played in the 1992 Cup can be seen in action in the current World Cup - Tendulkar, Jayasuriya, Lara, Inzamam and Anderson Cummins.
2. India needed 4 runs to win off the last ball in their rain-rule affected match against Australia. Tom Moody was the bowler and Srinath's mighty heave left no one in doubt that it was going to be a six - so much so that the batsmen didn't bother running, for a while at least. A strong wind blowing in the opposite direction was a possible reason why the ball's trajectory was shortened beyond expectation, and Steve Waugh had an easy catch to complete. Unfortunately he dropped the catch, but fired a throw from the boundary. Not the best directed throw, the keeper David Boon standing in place of the regular wicket keeper had to make an effort before he ran the batsman out(Venkatpathy Raju). Had the batsmen ran without bothering to admire the beauty of the shot, the 3rd run could well have been completed, but it was not to be and India, twice in two World Cups, lost to Australia by the narrowest margin of 1 run.
Can't blame Border for making that comment, can you?!
3. Australia
4. That's not a South African actually, but a Zimbabwean - Andy Flower
5. The answer to the second question includes this answer too: David Boon.

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