Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cricket Quiz # 16: World Cup 1983

question no.1
194, 318, 237, 168.....

These are the record partnerships for each wicket in World Cup matches. For the 9th wicket, the record of 126 was made by Kapil Dev and Syed Kirmani at Turnbridge Wells on 18.06.1983, while 71 is the record for the last wicket between Andy Roberts and Joel Garner. (WI vs India, Manchester, 09.06.1983)

question no.2
What kind of grounds were employed for the first time to host World Cup matches?

Non-test grounds

question no.3
One team managed to reach the semis by ....

Pakistan beat NZ to the semis by the thin margin of 0.08 runs per over

question no.4
Who ended up with the maximum wickets for the winners, India?

Roger Binny

question no.5
Who captained Zimbabwe?

Duncan Fletcher

Bonus Question:
Identify the person holding the Prudential World Cup Cricket 1983 and the lady on his right.


The then Indian President, Giani Zail Singh is holding the trophy. On his left is the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi

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